Thursday, 17 May 2012

Cannes Festival 2012

Cannes Festival #65. Here we are. Today is the second day of the Festival. On 27th May we will know who are the winners, but till then, let´s have a look to the red-carpet outfits ^^

DAY 16th:

Diane Kruger with Ewan "weloveu" McGregor & Jean Paul Galtier (weloveu too but for other reasons) :P

The long-movie jury

Bérénice Bejo (nice nice)

Emmanuelle Devos and Jessica Chastain (fffffff)

Freida Pinto and Kara Hayward (no idea who are these ladies and don´t wanna know if they wear these kind of dresses to Cannes #sacrilege)

Tilda Swinton and Eva Herzigova (very very nice)

Jane Fonda (I wanna grow old like this) and Daniel Chaplin

Lana del Rey and Diane Kruger (e.n.v.y)

Eva Longoria. Spectacular. But (sorry to be mean) I think she is too short for that dress

DAY 17th:

Qi Xi and Hao Lei 

Marion Cotilard (so pretty)

Alec Baldwin with wife and crazy woman in orange 

Ewan McGregor again (mmmh) and Julia Gayet (Today Black was the colour)

Tilda Swinton and Eva Longoria (both much better) 

Marion Cotillard (gorgeous!!!)

Pics by Vogue and Cannes Festival 

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