Saturday, 30 June 2012

Sale Hunting: HAKEI

Yes yes. Next week start in Spain the SS Sales.  So now I´m stalking webs to see what I want to buy haha (evil laugh).  Today, it´s Hakei´s turn.  I always go and find amazing cheap stuff ^^

Oh si, la semana que viene empiezan las rebajas de verano! Así que ahora me estoy dedicando a marujear todas las web a ver que pongo en mi lista de futuras compras muajaja.  Hoy le ha tocado el turno a Hakei.  Siempre voy en rebajas y tengo que decir que siempre salgo con cosas chulisimas y muy rebajas ^^

So, this is my WISHLIST ^^

I´m not sure if I´m in love with these kind of shoes, or I hate them.  They are everywhere now, I think I will do a post about it.  Totally in love with the sandals, they look super comfy

 This bag is super cool, all Indian american. And the brazalet, oh la la

This sandal is so pretty!!

Silver and leather, best combination ever!

Photos by Hakei

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