Monday, 29 July 2013

DIY Necklace - aka dying

Dying for 3 hours till I gave up with the fecking necklace ¬¬  I must say that it was 1 am, so maybe my brain was just to tired.  The next day my poor boyfriend finally figured it out how to do the fecking knot ^^ Thank God cause I was about to throw the 9-euro-leather strips.  
It´s not done yet cause it´s a very very slow process but here is a pic of the necklace! :) When I finish it I will post all the pics!  How was the weekend? We had so much fun. Here are 2 outfits I wore this week and what I wore on Saturday.

Is there anything more comfy for summer than flat sandals and denim shorts? Dont think so :)

My beautiful new dress, present from my lovely Marian (she´s been doing some cool DIY this weekend) from Zara´s new collection (here) and my new Asos Sales aquisition just 14.58€ (evil laugh - here)

Photos by me

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