Monday, 19 August 2013

Cable-knit sweater... (o jersey de ochos)

That feeling when you just got back from holidays and seems like everyone wants to talk to u... People, you´re talking too fast to me -->

I must confessed I´ve sinned these days and bought a few thingsssssss. The thing is that I have been stalking shops for years, in order to find a nice beige cable-knit sweater.  They look awesome in men, but in women some times look like you are going to chop trees in Alaska.  Not the look we´re looking for.  Then I found this one from Mango (click). Love.  Here we have a few outlooks to help us combine these kind of sweaters! 

Expectation Vs. Reality

Cute with a black skirt and ankle boots


Photos from pinterest and google

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