Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Flowered Bomber Jacket

This season I´m really paying attention to find out the trends before they have already spread out all over the world ^^  This one is already very popular among bloggers but it´s just appeared in the fall lookbooks.  It´s the bomber jacket, but not just any. It has to be flowered. Tiny or giant flowers, silk or cottom, white, black or colourful, it doesn´t mind, but it has to be flowered :D  What do we think? Do we like them?? I still haven´t decided.
Let´s see some looks and then what I found in the shops :) Weekend is almost here!! Yeah


And in the shops, that´s what we can find...

Mango & ThreadSence (doesnt look like but it´s flowered!)

Photos from pinterest and google

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