Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Round Neck Coat

Fall is coming! I can feel it. It´s been a little bit chilly in Barcelona for the past few days, so I´ve been wearing jeans and long sleeves t-shirts. Happyness.  Hopefully we won´t go back to the 35º degrees and stay with this weather till the end of September :)  Today, round neck coats.

Zara - I know the brown one hasnt got a round neck but I just love it :)

This one is on Ebay o.O  It´s super cute, isnt it?

Massimo Dutti (red) and (brown) - beautiful
Amitié through El Corte Inglés & a cute one from Sfera´s lookbook, but they dont have shop online!

Asos and Asos (this one also available in grey)

And here we have some random pics I found all over google.  I think this type of coat looks really great in bright colors rather than black and grey but couldnt find any!  ¬¬ damn it

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