Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Fashion and Miscellaneous has TUMBLR!

Yes! I did it! I´m really happy now, that thanks to the blog I´m keepin track of things I see and fall in love with in the net.  I was tireeeed of trying to remember pics I had seen.
It is very easy with Tumblr! (I sound like a TV commercial, this is totatally free advertising haha) 
I have mentioned it a couple of times. I love watching pics of fashion, decoration and all kind of staff. 
If you are a blog addict, I think is worth spending some minutes saving the photos and then being able to find them any time!
These are the steps:

1) Creating the account: with your email or with an URL.

 2) Verification email: now your part of the tumblr crew!

3) Dashboard: here you can upload and copy all u want, see people you are following, seeing what´s new in your blog, etc.

4) Customizing your blog: there are tones of themes and colours. For the cool ones, now you have to pay. I chose a basic one (free, thanks) and if I keep using it, I might spend a few euros to improve it!

5) Start posting!: this is how Fashion&Miscellaneous looks! Below is the link, hope is helpful for anyone ^^

Come on! Tomorrow is Thursday, I can already smell the weekend =)

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