Tuesday, 14 February 2012

IKKS ss2012

Still surfing the new Spring/Summer collections looking for inspiration.  I want to absorb what is trendy so when I go shopping my brain already knows what to buy ^^
The new collection for Ikks woman is very light, simple and sexy. 

These pics belong to their campaign, the model is beautiful!


The Lookbook:

 Red & Purple! yes!!! I knew it!! hahaha (click)

 Military colours combined with little flowers (flower power is back) and red

 Pearl grey, navy, leather and neon. Everything super trendy. Confirming what we knew :)

 Purple + flower power

Ooooooh beau-ti-ful

 So simple and so classy

Hippy-elegant look. Love it for the office. Although my legs will NEVER look so tan. like never. in a million years lying in the sun -.-

 Denim shirt! Yes! We all have one from last summer. Recyclinggggg

And another 2 lovely outfits to go to work!

I really really like this collection. I am going to start saving money right now!

Pics from http://www.ikks.com/

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