Thursday, 16 February 2012

Fashion in their 80´s

I´ve just read that Zelda Kaplan has passed away while she was in the front row of Joanna Mastroiani.  
I think is amazing that she still had that thing that make us put on make up, high heels and wear huge accessories at her age.
Soooo today I wanted to look at some ladies, over 80-years-old that have more fashion than lots of nowadays trend setters ^^

Zelda Kaplan (95 years old):

Marilyn Riseman (85 years old)

Jacquie "Tajah" Murdock (82 years old):

Carmen Dell Orefice (82 years old):


I wanna be like these ladies when I grow old! Oh my, gorgeous! I´m in love with Carmen, a total discovery for me, she was Vogue Cover in 1947!! And look at her pics now, amazin!

If u wanna surf really nice old ladies looks visit advancedstyle.

Come on babies, tomorrow is Friday!! ^^

Pics from google 

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